About the Area


The Fourth of July in the 1920s.

McCarthy is located in the very center of Wrangell St. Elias National Park.  Our “Sister City” of Kennicott is just 4.5 miles away. You can not possibly visit the area without spending time in both Kennicott & McCarthy. The towns are rich in history and surrounded by the largest protected wilderness on earth.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of McCarthy, Alaska is that it is the very last intact bush community still inside a National Park.  Most of our staff are local residents.  Many of us live a remote lifestyle that we love to share with visitors!  When you visit McCarthy, it is obvious that you have discovered an amazing Alaskan destination where there are a few dozen locals and a few dozen visitors in town at any one time.

The owners of McCarthy Lodge have been restoring much of McCarthy since 2001.

Four major mountain ranges share this park, and 3 of them converge on the tiny town of McCarthy. The landscape is amazingly varied, and the geology is still being explored, explained and discovered. In fact “discovery” is a great word to use in this park. The National Park Service, in their role in protecting the heritage of Kennicott, has done remarkable work in preserving andprotecting an amazing “ghost town”.

But not every building is to be “restored”.  In fact, the sense of discovery is more than a catch phrase here.  The NPS is thoughtfully stabilizing important buildings and the surrounding landscape for all to enjoy in the future.

The town of McCarthy is still the happening place – a perfect way to end a perfect day of exploration.  No matter where you stay, join the locals for a fun evening in McCarthy.