Food, Drink & Amenities

Dining at McCarthy Lodge


Being in the wilderness does not mean going without. Historically McCarthy is a mercantile town, and today there are many services available for our guests:

There are two restaurants across from the hotel, McCarthy Lodge & The Golden Saloon.  Also downtown are the Mountain Arts Gift Store and the Nugget Liquor Store. A unique, locally focused Hardware and Grocery store known as McCarthy Center, where grocery prices are LESS EXPENSIVE in McCarthy than in Valdez or Glennallen!  This is not your typical bush store!

We are the tiniest of towns, with a serious foodie approach to original Alaskan delicacies.    Our James Beard featured chef, Joshua Slaughter creates superb celebrations of locally grown product including Wild Caught Copper River Red Salmon, Halibut, Black Cod  and locally farmed duck, pork, eggs and more.   Go to our McCarthy Lodge Bistro page for more details>>