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Mountain Arts

Mountain Arts Gift Store in McCarthy, Alaska

At Mountain Arts Gift Store we specialize in local Alaska artists. We have a unique, wide range of special items of interest to the discerning guest to McCarthy. Almost everything in our MountainArts store is only available at our one location. Our community has many talented people so we don’t have to search far to find unique and beautiful items.  Like everything else we do, we are all about this community and the Wrangells.  Our jewelry, supplied by Ray Kress, features local stones and unique local finds.  The store is small, and we restrict product to items made by locals, produced with local materials, or the clothing items for those visitors that want a memento of McCarthy Lodge or the Saloon or Hotel.

The glaciers and geology of our rugged landscape is special.  Those fascinated with geology will be able to collect stones and minerals with pretty little effort all around the town.  When you want a more unique example of local stones, you will enjoy a visit to Mountain Arts.   There is also a large, world class mineral display in the Golden Saloon.

The special beauty of the Wrangell – St. Elias Mountains attracts growing numbers of artisans every year. Several well known skin sewers reside in our communities, as well as knife fabricators, Native bead artists and weavers.

We produce our own designs for garment selections as well as postcards, pins and needlepoint designs.

Local materials and craftsmanship

Local materials and craftsmanship.


We are particularly proud to promote Eyak, Athabascan, Tlingit, and other native artists in our area and Alaska.   All our jewelry is made by locals and area artists and include handmade knives, ulus and gems from the Wrangell-St. Elias area.

Our embroideries and silkscreen designs are all designed in house. You won’t find these designs anywhere else. Other finds include Alaskan Herbal products, photography, maps, cards & much more. When your looking for something different, even esoteric, we are that source. Visit our new location at 101 Kennecott Ave while in downtown McCarthy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!