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As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. With this in mind, we’ve created several photo galleries to help convey the ongoing stories of McCarthy, Kennicott, and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Enjoy!


McCarthy, Alaska: America's Last Intact Community Inside A National Park

In McCarthy, you will find a combination of buildings in various states of decay or restoration. McCarthy Ventures LLC has been actively restoring much of downtown McCarthy since 2001. But we are not restoring everything, nor are we the only ones with property in McCarthy. And by no means are we the only stewards in the area. Everyone here shares a deep concern and passion for the area. Here are some pictures of the town today.

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Frans Lanting, Photographer for National Geographic

Frans Lanting, a National Geographic photographer, and his wife Chris Eckstrom, a National Geographic writer, spent a month with us in the fall of 2002. We asked Frans to choose some of his images for our Centennial project in 2006, and we are delighted to present these wilderness landscapes from his collection. There is also a link to his photo essay in the March 2003 National Geographic in the PRESS section of this site.

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Foodie Fun In Remote Alaska.

Joshua Slaughter, our a James Beard featured chef, uses locally produced ingredients to create memorable experiences.

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It a fun town, with lots to do!

McCarthy Alaska - It's a great place to start your adventure.

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Winter time

Imagine Winter life in McCarthy! Images of winter life in McCarthy!

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4th of July in McCarthy, AK

In McCarthy's heyday the fourth of July was fun time for all - and so the tradition has been continuing for some time now...

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Pre-town Camp Life

To retrieve the mineral wealth from the Wrangell Mountains it took an enormous engineering and manpower effort. The construction of the two railroads from the coast of Alaska to the Kennicott Glacier went on year-round. During construction, conditions along these routes could be truly grueling including temperatures that could drop to -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Early Transportation

After the Civil War through the early decades of the last century, Alaska experienced numerous influxes of adventuresome people looking for a new life, riches and land to call their own. The industrialists, often refered to as "Robber Barons" saw Alaska as a source of possible wealth. And for them, at least, it was. Many "gold strikes" were soon controlled by these industrial and banking powerhouses and is a legacy America still lives with today. But it was the rugged individuals who did the work of settling and taming Alaska - and self-reliance is still promoted today. Early Alaskans did amazing things and those of us that study early Alaskan history can't help but be impressed with their accomplishments. In Alaska one must think as big as our state is. The following photos may give one a glimpse of the rugged individuals who came here to forever change the landscape we call home.

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